A Few Words About Us

AREP Ltd. team of professionals will take care of your flight and offer a full range of services such as:

- obtaining overflying and landing permits
- SLOT & PPR coordination
- flight documentation paperwork
- provision of pre-flight documentation
- passengers and baggage check-in
- full range of ground handling on the ramp and pax handling
- coordination, representation and liaison with airport authorities
- customs control assistance
- VIP and CIP lounges for passengers
- "Fast track" service for passengers
- crew lounge
- inflight catering
- refueling arrangement
- crew transportation
- HOTAC for crew and passengers
- limousine services (cars of any class)
- additional services on crew request

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Using AREP Ltd. means that you’ll receive one invoice for the entire trip. Our services provide a consistent experience and single point of contact for coordination of all elements of your trip. We are working with all our partners on credit base.