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AREP Ltd. makes every effort to provide the highest quality services. Order a flight in a private plane on a convenient schedule for you, and you will get a high level of comfort due to our service. Your trip by charter flight with our company will bring you only positive emotions.

AREP Ltd. will have your aircraft ready for your use within hours of your first call. When you call for an aircraft, we’ll get one to you in as little as four to ten hours - depending on jet type - and take you just about anywhere you want to go. We will help plan and implement all aspects of your trip; including special catering, ground transport and other unique aspects of your request. The choice of the right plane depends, among other things, on the number of passengers, flight distance and time, weight and volume of luggage, the facilities at the start and destination airports, your personal requirements in terms of comfort and, of course, last but not least, your budget.

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Business Aviation

We offer our customers a wide choice of aircraft: Comfortable seating, sofas, tables and beds will make your travel and work in the fun. In the aircraft you can find detailed information about the types of our aircraft, as the appearance and internal resettlement salon, look at photographs. All you need to do to dial our specialists who are ready to advise you on any questions that bother you order or lease the aircraft and if necessary arrange for a flight. You the opportunity to choose the aircraft and flight or place an urgent request to lease the aircraft.

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