New EBACE 2018: HondaJet Elite

While the Federal Aviation Administration issued a revised type certificate for HondaJet Elite and the aircraft was also certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, Honda Aircraft engineers worked seriously on the improvements and innovations that it was decided to implement since they received the certification in December 2015, according to the directive President and CEO Michimas Fujino.


Thanks to the extra fuel capacity and aerodynamic improvements, the HondaJet needs a smaller runway for take-off and can fly longer. The flight range with 4 passengers on board will now be 2,661 km, which is 17% more than the previous version of the aircraft. Maximum take-off weight is 4,535 kg. The extra fuel is 16 gallons, achieved by redesigning the rear fuselage fuel tank to fill some unused space. An illuminated pushbutton switch was added next to the fuel filler, it warns the fuel car that consumption is slowing down when the fuel is close to filling the rear tank, thus avoiding leakage.

G3000 avionics enhancements include faster display processors, capacity planning for all phases of flight calculation and runway distance for runway length, speed, altitude / approach gradient, and more. Autopilot now provides stability and protection with new features.

Buyers have new interior options, such as: a Bongiovi audio system with a noiseless sound transducer based on sensors, a galley with a coffee maker and two-tone leather seats.

In addition, new options are available for painting the body in colors that provide greater depth using the new three-layer drawing process. Colors: blue, red, red and orange. First HondaJet Elite shipments are expected this fall.